frequently asked questions

"Where did you get these stories?"

Every story displayed on this site has been submitted by a real person. If you have a story about healthcare, tell it.

"I have a story, but I doubt you want to hear it."

As long as it's true, and it happened to you, we do so.

"I told my story, and the page said it's being reviewed. What's that about?"

Review of a story consists of 1. making sure that the entry was written by a human (not a spambot), and 2. double-checking the descriptive fields - making sure "country" is a country, for example. The content of an entry does not affect its review. No one changes the text of any story, not even to spellcheck.

"How will I know when my story has been reviewed?"

You can follow The Plural of Anecdote's Twitter feed. The keywords, location, cost, and wait time of a story are tweeted as soon as it's been reviewed and included for display.

"Can I tell other people about this site?"

Yes! Look up at the title of the page - see the "share" button? Tell anyone you know who has a story, or who ought to read one or two.

You can also follow The Plural of Anecdote on Twitter.

"I have a question you didn't answer here."

Email me.